Teaching at Duke TIP

I’m excited to announce my return to Duke’s Talent Identification Program (TIP) this summer.  Last summer, I was asked to teach creative writing; this time I will be teaching Debate and Rhetoric (“That’s Debateable!”) to some very bright rising 8th and 9th graders.  I was in Davidson, NC last session, which was very convenient to my town of residence.  However, this session finds me flying to Sarasota, FL!  I should be worrying about how to pack two months into two suitcases, but I’m more worried about the course creation.  Creative writing is a bit more lenient in the course material; debate and rhetoric has very specific rules and guidelines.  I am a bit more schooled in rhetoric, but it will be the first time I’ve taught debate.  The textbook decisions were easy: I decided to use the current ones:

How to Write and Give a Speech by Joan Detz

Competitive Debate by Richard Edward

Ripples of Hope by Josh Gottheimer

Robert’s Rules in Plain English by Doris Zimmerman

…but the syllabus and course schedule remain a work in progress. Looks like I’ll at least have some reading to do.

Author: ModerndaySkirt

Enthusiastic shower singer, failed post modernist, and distracted Romantic. Sometimes I teach.

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