An Introduction

Unofficially, I am a nerd, a gamer, a cook, a cat(s) owner, and (at least Monday through Friday) a teacher.  I like Game of Thrones, Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, Cormac McCarthy, and Final Fantasy just to name a few.  I sing in the shower, have two unfinished novels, and spend most Saturdays napping with a cat.  Sometimes I hike, sometimes I dive, and if I’m lucky, sometimes I have a good idea while hiking or diving.

Officially: I am a lover, student, and teacher of literature.  I didn’t comprehend this till high school.  While I excelled in math and science, it was the literary canon that captivated me.  I realize that “canon” is a dirty word given the historical and sociological contexts in which it is produced, but to a younger me the works of literature were affirmation that there were other people willing to look under the skirts of science and math, beyond convention. To this day, it is my literature studies that sustain me in a world of constant change.

On my good days, I teach others how to write.  More than that, I teach others a way to think.  My teachers were instrumental in introducing Chabon, McCarthy, Salinger, Wallace, and many more to my world view.  With a sincere interest, they fed me well; I now look for that moment in each of my students.  I want them to absorb with the same zeal and skepticism the literature and history given to me.  With hard work and dedication, I hope to one day stand in a shadow of their own making, and proudly say I helped make that mountain.  I want them to believe they matter, in even the smallest of ways.

I’m currently teaching at an all girls boarding and day school in the NOVA/DC region.  I believe even more importantly, I teach at an all girls school that encourages many different types of learners to cultivate and love many different types of intelligence.  I see this most in my science fiction room where a younger version of myself is giddy with the changing world.


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